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Mr. Amard (“Drama” spelt backwards) was the father of Willie Amard and the drama critic for Wood City, the small town in which they lived. He has short, light-colored hair, a pointed nose, and typically wore eyeglasses.

Mr. Amard was very active in the community and took part in local radio broadcasts.

The Yollman Case[]

Amard's son Willie was one of the teenagers who found the actor Yollman while he was a fugitive from the law. Yollman was trying to lay low in Wood City, and acted as drama coach for Willie's theater troupe. Yollman recorded his own voice saying Willie's lines so the young man could learn the proper diction. Amard heard the recording and recognized Yollman's voice.

Amard tracked Yollman to the train tracks where Yollman was seeking his lost identification. Amard told Yollman that he knew who he was, and urged Yollman to turn himself in. the two men struggled and Yollman jumped on a passing train. Despondent, Yollman leapt from the train as it passed over a river, intent on killing himself. Amard witnessed this and called for help.

Amard was present at the hospital when Yollman and his wife Dianne reconciled. He met Dick Tracy, and told Tracy that he would like to have the lawman speak at a local function. Amard took Tracy to the local radio station where they would be speaking on the “Civic Hour” program.

Deadly Association with Tiger Lilly[]


At the radio station, Tracy was shocked to hear some remarkably realistic sound effects being played for a dramatic serial. These turned out to be the work of Tiger Lilly, an unscrupulous man who recorded actual gruesome events (car accidents, dog fights, shooting victims) for the radio station's sound effects library at the behest of Mr. Amard. Amard was aware of the recordings’ origins, but did not care.

After Tiger Lilly sabotaged a train track so he could record the wreckage, Tracy began to investigate. He linked Amard to the crime through the collection of evidence. Amard was about to implicate Tiger Lilly when he was abducted from his home by members of Tiger Lilly's crew. They took Amard to an abandoned tavern, and left him tied up in his car next to the derelict structure. Lilly and his men wired the building with explosives. When it blew up, the building collapsed on Amard's car, killing him.