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The criminal known as Mousse was a heavyset man with light hair. He operated a seemingly legitimate business as the owner of a candy factory.

Mousse found and bribed corrupt police officers and other officials in Dick Tracy's city. He paid them with cash hidden in boxes of candy. This enabled him to engage in his other criminal endeavors without police interference. He also convinced some of the officers to commit acts of sabotage around police headquarters, which impeded those members of the department that Mousse could not bribe.

Mousse attempted to frame Dick Tracy for unethical behavior. His scheme was discovered with the help of Agent Kelley from the FBI. Mousse was killed, and the corrupt police officers and officials were identified and arrested.


  • There is no known connection between Mousse and Mousse, a henchman of Little Boy.
  • Mousse is also the name of a creamy confection.