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Mousse was a young criminal henchman to Little Boy. He was heavyset, with dark hair.

Little Boy's Subordinate[]

When Little Boy recruited Hi-Top Jones in his scheme to ally the city's street gangs, he summoned Jones to his hideout at the Dorf Arms Hotel. Little Boy had Mousse attack Jones to test Hi-Top's skill and resourcefulness as a fighter. Hi-Top defeated Mousse without seriously injuring him.

Mousse's position as Little Boy's chief subordinate was that taken over by Hi-Top. Mousse remained in Little Boy's organization, and he encountered Dick Tracy when Tracy arrived at the Dorf Arms to arrest Little Boy. Mousse was able to briefly overpower Tracy, and he took the detective to Little Boy's council room.

Restless Mahoney betrayed Little Boy (and his men) and held them at gunpoint. Little Boy fled, but was killed when the dilapidated hotel collapsed. Mousse escaped the crumbling building and was arrested.


  • During Mousse's initial encounter with Hi-Top, Mousse was only shown in silhouette. His appearance was not revealed until later in the storyline.
  • The word "mousse" refers to a prepared food which typically has a light, airy texture. It is commonly associated with dessert, though some mousse dishes are savory. "Mousse" can also refer to a foamy hair fixative. It is unclear which meaning inspired the name of this character.
  • Another criminal named Mousse appeared during the 2000s. There is no apparent connection between the 2 characters.