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Mortimer Conners was an associate of Larceny Lu. He had dark wavy hair and arched eyebrows.

Mortimer sheltered Lu and Steve the Tramp while Steve recovered from the injuries he suffered while escaping from prison. Once Steve had recovered, Mortimer insisted that Steve and Lu leave his home. Mortimer was later questioned by Dick Tracy, but he denied any knowledge of Lu and Steve's activities.

The Mary Steele Plot[]

Later, Lu contacted Mortimer and convinced him to help her in her scheme to find Mary Steele and trick her into giving away the inheritance left to Junior by Hank Steele. Mortimer drove to California with Lu, where they found Mary operating a lunch counter restaurant. They convinced Mary to sell the restaurant and return to the city with them.

When Mary became reluctant to follow through with the scheme to identify herself and claim conservatorship of Junior's inheritance, Mortimer assaulted her with a whip. When this threat didn't work, Lu and Mortimer told Mary that they would kill Junior if she did not cooperate.

This threat prompted Mary to reveal herself to Dick Tracy. He tracked Lu and Mortimer to their hideout, but they escaped before he could arrest them. Lu and Mortimer went into hiding in a hidden apartment at the shooting gallery in a seaside amusement park that was operated by another one of Lu's associates. Clues that Mortimer had left in their hideout led Pat Patton to deduce their whereabouts, and Mortimer was arrested along with Lu.


  • Mortimer was apparently aware of Doc Hump and his practices, but it was not made clear if they ever had any direct interaction.