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Morgan Conway


March 17th, 1903


Livingston, NJ


November 16th, 1981 (age 78)

Place of Death:

Los Angeles, CA

Known Relatives:

Aurelia Fitzpatick Carr, 1st wife
Lilian Conway, 2nd wife
Ben Conway, Son

Morgan Conway (born Sydney Conway, 1903-1981) was an American actor. He played Dick Tracy in 2 feature films- Dick Tracy (aka Dick Tracy: Detective) in 1945 and Dick Tracy vs Cueball in 1946.

In 1947, actor Ralph Byrd returned to the role of Dick Tracy for 2 films and a television series. Morgan Conway retired from show business shortly thereafter and moved to New Jersey. He died of lung cancer in 1981 at the age of 78.

Conway is generally held in high regard for his portrayal of Tracy. While he did not resemble the character physically as much as Byrd, he played Tracy with a stoic professionalism and determination that was very faithful to the comic strip source material. His voice was similar to Humphrey Bogart's.


  • Conway's name partially inspired the name of the character Morgan Byrd, an actor who was cast in the role of "Boss" Tracy in the film inspired by the Midnite Mirror series.