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Moonrock was a struggling stage magician and hypnotist in Dick Tracy's city. He had long wavy black hair that was streaked with grey. He typically dressed in a traditional stage magician costume, consisting of a tuxedo with a bow tie and ruffled cuffs.

Moonrock was forced by the criminals Cy Chotic and Scratchy to help with their robbery scheme. Moonrock used hypnotism to make victims compliant. He was able to achieve this on large groups of people at once, including in a theater during a performance of a play starring Vitamin Flintheart.

Moonrock was able to escape from Cy Chotic and Scratchy, but found himself a desperate fugitive. Regretting his actions, he began seeking out and hypnotizing criminals, implanting the suggestion to that they should turn themselves in. Some members of the criminal underworld discovered that Moonrock was the man responsible for this phenomenon, and they sought him out and killed him.

Moonrock received a posthumous commendation from the police department.



  • Moonrock's name would seem to have been inspired by that of the Blackstone family of stage magicians.
  • The early appearances of Moonrock in the comic strip are interspersed with the conclusion of the storyline of J. Kindly Goodheart and the sabotage at the airport.
  • Moonrock was apparently shot on May 18th, 2005, but his death was not confirmed in the strip until several days later.