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Montgomery Grafton was a former Mayor of Dick Tracy's city. He had a large build, light hair and an avuncular demeanor.

Grafton was apparently part of the group that had initially recruited Flattop Jones to kill Dick Tracy. It is not clear if this happened during his term as Mayor or not.

Years later, Grafton ran a campaign for Governor. He scheduled a rally at the Community College near Dick Tracy's city, where Gravel Gertie was taking classes. Grafton claimed that education was a high priority for him, and he received a warm welcome from the student body.

The visiting professor Sharptop Jones had become "possessed" by the ghost of his dead brother Flattop, who had a vendetta against Grafton.The "possessed" Sharptop planned to kill Grafton by shooting him with a high-powered rifle during Grafton's speech. Dick Tracy attempted to warn Grafton that he was in danger, but Grafton refused to believe the detective.

Sharptop was stopped, but Grafton's connections to the criminal underworld were revealed. Grafton's gubernatorial campaign was scuttled and he faced charges for his previous crimes.


  • Grafton01
    The name "Grafton" was apparently inspired by the term "graft", meaning the obtaining of money or other gain or advancement by unscrupulous or unethical means, especially through the abuse of one's standing in society, politics, business, etc.