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Montana Joe was a large, avuncular man with dark, wavy hair.

Montana Joe was the owner and proprietor of a Rodeo Circus that toured the mid-west and western United States by railroad train. It featured several animal acts, trick riders, and other typical rodeo attractions. The rodeo circus was based out of Doggie City. At the the time of his first appearance, Montana Joe claimed to have been in the rodeo circus business for thirty years.

Aiding Jerome Trohs[]

During a stop in a railyard near Dick Tracy's City, the circus train was boarded by Jerome Trohs, who was fleeing police. Trohs, a small man, identified himself as "Joe Atom", a novelty act. Montana Joe was delighted by Trohs, and planned to promote his appearances heavily. Montana Joe had a special costume made for Trohs, including chaps and a large hat.

During his first public performance, Montana Joe arranged for Trohs to ride the biggest, wildest horse available. Trohs rode the horse through the arena fence, making his escape. The event was filmed by a newsreel crew and became part of a nationwide news story, eventually leading to Trohs being identified.

It is unknown if Montana Joe ever recovered his lost horse.

Radio Personality[]


Later, Montana Joe became the host of a Saturday morning radio program on station WDQP, specializing in country and western music. The show was sponsored by Sunny Wheat breakfast cereal. In order to boost his sagging ratings, Joe featured an act called "The Sounds of Plenty", which consisted of Gravel Gertie, Sparkle Plenty, and Jewel Tracy.

Montana Joe met the criminal Tabby Angus, who lived near the radio station, and invited him inside. Angus' horse Sparkplug disrupted a broadcast, which was heard by Dick Tracy.


Montana Joe was assaulted by Angus, who then climbed the broadcasting tower to get a better vantage point to shoot at Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem, who were pursuing him. Montana Joe shot Angus with a high-powered rifle, killing him.


  • There is no apparent connection between Montana Joe and Joe Montana, the well-known American-rules football quarterback.