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Moldy Mink was a loan shark financier of the auto mechanic Girly Mac. He was a heavyset man with light hair and prominent front teeth, who typically wore eyeglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. He was apparently affiliated with the Apparatus.

Mink and his organization had loaned money to Girly Mac for Mac to build a "funny" car. After Mac's car was destroyed, Mink arrived at Mac's garage to insist that payment must still be made. He demanded $11,000 from Mac just as Dick Tracy arrived at Mac's garage.

Mink was wanted by the police, and he tried to shoot Tracy. Tracy ducked to the ground just before Mink fired, resulting in Mink shooting a hole in Tracy's hat. Tracy then kicked Mink, knocking him to the ground and causing him to lose control of his Luger pistol. Tracy immediately activated the electric garage door which closed on Mink and pinned the stunned villain to the floor. Mink was arrested for extortion and attempted murder of a police officer.


  • Mink's name would seem to be based on an outdated style of coat - specifically a male college student's raccoon/mink coat, similar to the coat worn by Vitamin Flintheart. Mink himself did not wear such a coat, as his seemed to be made of striped cloth.
  • When Mink confronted Girly Mac, Mac said he was not responsible for the death of Mink's friends. This would imply that Mink had some relationship with the group of criminals who had been attempting to steal from Diet Smith Industries, but the exact nature of this relationship was not clear. It is reasonable to assume that they were all connected to the Apparatus.
  • Moldy Mink was described as a "juice" man. This is another term for loan-sharking, wherein a person is loaned money (that they would not be able to get from legitimate lenders) at a high interest rate with the threat of violence upon failure to make re-payment.