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Mitzi Gainer was the wife of Mickey Gainer. She was a slender woman with large dark eyes and light curly hair. Mitzi was shown to be fairly unobservant, failing to notice obvious things around her.

After her husband was arrested for his involvement with Nails Wolley and Scardol, Mitzi brought her young son to the city to find Mickey. Mickey confessed his criminal activities to his wife and introduced her to his father. Pop Gainer was surprised to learn that his son was married and had a child, but he agreed to aid Mitzi while Mickey was in prison.

Around this time, Mitzi was approached by her ex-husband, the pilot called "Whip" Chute. Chute attempted to recruit Mitzi into a criminal scheme that he was planning, but she refused. Later, Dick Tracy learned of a connection between Mitzi and Chute. He questioned her, and she revealed everything that she knew about him.


  • At the time of her encounters with Dick Tracy, Mickey claimed that he and Mitzi had been married for two years. Her brief marriage to Whip Chute had been approximately two years before her marriage to Mickey.
  • Mitzi Gainer's name is similar to that of the actress Mitzi Gaynor (whose real name was Mitzi Gerber). Gaynor became popular in the 1950s, long after Mitzi Gainer had appeared in the strip.