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Miss Felice Fortune was the young daughter of the wealthy real estate mogul Ferris Fortune. She had light hair and wore eyeglasses.

Miss Fortune was an uncommonly bright child. She agreed to her father's demands that complete school through the 12th grade among children her own age, but she also acquired several advanced business degrees through correspondence courses. Her father then provided her with seed money to start her own business ventures. Like her father, Miss Fortune decided to invest in real estate.

Real Estate Scheme[]

Miss Fortune became aware of the potential real estate ramifications of global climate change. She began to purchase seemingly worthless properties with the expectation that they would become more valuable once the ocean levels rose and reshaped the world's coastlines. She did this through her company Good Fortune Realty.

Agents of Miss Fortune attempted to purchase the Florida swampland owned by B.O. Plenty's brother Holden. When Holden would not sell, they attempted to scare him away or kill him. This brought the Good Fortune Realty company to the attention of Dick Tracy, who began an investigation.

Tracy discovered that Miss Fortune had apparently become impatient with the slow pace of the world's changing climate and decided to take action to influence faster changes. She had purchased land in the Amazon rain forest which she then dedicated to logging and mining. She then embarked on a scheme to plant Xylon bombs at the Antarctic ice shelf, melting significant amounts of polar ice and rapidly re-shaping the world's ecosystem.

Tracy was able to stop Miss Fortune's scheme and she was taken into custody. She was confident that, as a minor with access to her father's financial and legal resources, she would face few repercussions.


  • Missfortune
    When she first appeared, Miss Fortune was 12 years old. It was not made clear if or how she was able to enter into legal contracts as an un-emancipated minor.
  • Miss Forture recruited many of her operatives from prison, seeking out those men who were scheduled to be paroled soon. This was also how she was able to obtain the formula for Xylon from the incarcerated Prunella. Miss Fortune visited prisons under the pretense of researching a paper about prison reforms, but it is unclear if this was a genuine concern of hers.
  • Miss Fortune's scheme shared some similarity with of the criminal Lex Luthor in the 1978 Superman feature film, inasmuch as they both involved destroying coastlines to increase the value of inland property.