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Miss Fire was a nightclub singer and smuggler who communicated instructions to her accomplices through the songs in her act. She had a habit of singing and speaking in rhymes even when not on stage. She had dark hair, light eyes, and a shapely figure.

She was arrested by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem after failing to escape due to trouble with her car's battery,


  • Miss Fire appeared in a magazine advertisement for Auto Lite auto parts and did not appear in the regular Dick Tracy comic strip.
  • Miss Fire 1966 cartoon
  • Upon being caught, Miss Fire sings "How dry I am". This is a lyric of indeterminate origin, but it is commonly associated with the song "The Near Future", written by Irving Berlin for the stage show Ziegfeld Follies of 1919. It was later co-opted by the temperance movement, but has also been used as a drinking song/request for alcohol.