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Miss Deal was the secretary to the criminal figure known as Mr. Bribery. She was an attractive woman with light hair that she typically wore up. She usually wore eyeglasses.

Miss Deal was responsible for maintaining Mr. Bribery's schedule, answering his phone, and keeping his appointments. She seemed to be aware of his criminal activities and showed little compunction about being associated with him.

Working with Bribery[]

When Bribery's criminal organization collapsed, a despondent Bribery and Miss Deal escaped the police and hid out in a cheap loft room, along with with Bribery's cigar-smoking cat.

Bribery was suicidal, and Miss Deal offered to go to the bank and withdraw money from her savings account to buy supplies in order to keep him from killing himself. Lizz spotted Miss Deal at the bank and surreptitiously taped a 2-Way Wrist TV to Miss Deal's backside. This enabled the police to track her as she returned to Bribery's hideout.

Just before she arrived, Bribery saw that police were surrounding the loft. Convinced that Miss Deal had double-crossed him, Bribery attempted to stab her with a knife when she entered the loft. Dick Tracy crashed through a window and stopped the assault. Angered by Bribery's violent betrayal, Miss Deal declared her hatred for him and kicked him in the face. She and Bribery were arrested and taken to jail.

Miss Deal's fate is unknown.