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Mina was a slender, dark-haired singer in Dick Tracy's city. She was the girlfriend of Lips Manlis, who employed her as the featured singer at the Club Ritz.

88 Keyes (the piano player at the Club Ritz) disliked Mina. He met and befriended the singer Breathless Mahoney and arranged for Mahoney to perform in front of Lips Manlis, who promptly cast Mina aside. Mina attempted to get revenge on Breathless by attacking her with a straight razor (planning to disfigure her). Breathless overpowered Mina and threatened to kill her unless she left town.


  • Mina appeared in the first two issues of the prequel tie-in comic book for the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film. She has not appeared in the Dick Tracy comic strip.
  • Mina expressed affection toward Lips Manlis, but it is not clear if this affection was genuine. She may have been motivated by a desire to protect her position as a nightclub singer. She may also have been attracted to the exciting lifestyle of being the girlfriend of an underworld figure.
  • Mina shares some traits with Mimi (i.e. dark hair, involvement with Lips Manlis, ruthlessness) and may have been inspired by her.
  • There is no established connection between Mina and Mina.