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Mike Curtis is the current writer of the Dick Tracy comic strip. He and the current creative team (Joe Staton, Shelley Pleger, and Shane Fisher) began producing the strip in 2011.

Curtis is a long-time comic book fan and has written for many popular titles, including Casper the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, and his own creation Shanda the Panda. He often collaborates with his wife Carole.

In addition to Dick Tracy, Mr. Curtis is also a self-proclaimed fan of Superman, Batman, and Doctor Who. He claims to have the 3rd largest collection of Superman memorabilia in the United States, and his wife owns a life-sized model TARDIS.

Curtis is also horror/monster movie enthusiast. In this capacity, he befriended Sara Karloff (daughter of the famous film actor Boris Karloff who played Gruesome).

Curtis is engaged with his fanbase, and frequently posts at the Dick Tracy Yahoo Group and Facebook Fan Page.

Curtis has stated that he often listens to popular music while writing, and will sometimes take inspiration from what he is listening to.

Mr. Curtis is the only writer of Dick Tracy to have a background that includes working in professional law enforcement. He often consults with Sgt. Jim Doherty of the Railroad Police to maintain verisimilitude in the strip.

Notable Original Characters[]

The following new characters were introduced to the strip during Curtis' time:

Notable Events[]

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Curtis, in costume

Several significant events have occurred in the strip during Curtis' time, including:


  • In 2013, Mike Curtis and the Tracy creative team received the Harvey Award for Best Syndicated Strip or Panel. They won the same award again in 2014 and 2015 as well, and they were nominated in 2016.