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"Midge" Humphries was a member of the Purple Cross Gang. He was heavyset and had light hair.

Humphries was a loyal member of the gang, and he participated the Boss' scheme to commit bank robberies across several states. Arthur Maylie, the gang's second-in-command, eventually convinced the other members that they all deserved a bigger share of the money they had stolen. They demanded that the Boss comply, under threat of violence. The Boss initially agreed, then he lured the gang members to a secluded garage where he murdered them all with a machine gun.

Humphries and the rest of the gang were later found by police and identified by Chief Brandon.


  • "Midge" is a term for a small flying insect. It is also a common nickname for women named Margaret or Marjorie.
  • "Midge" Humphries' name was not provided until after he was dead. Chief Brandon recognized the three dead men, identifying Humphries as "the fat one". Humphries' real first name was not provided.
  • While Johnny Fling was known to be a member of the Purple Cross Gang, it was not established if he knew or interacted with Midge Humphries at any time.
  • Several members of the Purple Cross gang were shown wearing their masks before November 25th, 1936, but it cannot be confirmed which (if any) of them were Midge Humphries.