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The woman known as "Middle Margie" was a costume shop owner and criminal in Dick Tracy's city. Her nickname was derived from the fact that her size was in the middle of her two cousins, with whom she also operated her store. She had light-brown hair and wore eyeglasses.

At some point in the past, Middle Margie has served a term in prison. She agreed to participate in Big Margie's scheme to rob a cosplay convention (that they had organized) of the $10,000 cash prize for the cosplay contest. Middle Margie committed the robbery in a disguise that concealed her face and female figure.

Later, Middle Margie and Big Margie attempted to dispose of evidence that linked them to the robbery. They were followed by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem. Middle Margie attempted to convince the officers that Little Margie was not involved in the robbery scheme.


  • There is no apparent connection between Middle Margie and Margaret Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister.