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Mickey Gainer was the son of Pop Gainer. He was married with a wife and son.

Mickey had a distinctive birthmark on the right side of his face.

Criminal Activities[]

Mickey was a member of the Nails Wolley gang. When Wolley's gang was dismantled, Mickey sought refuge at the hideout of Scardol, another criminal. He aided Scardol in several criminal schemes before being caught.

Mickey sometimes appeared reluctant to be involved in murder (such as when he saved the life of the jewelry salesman Jade, and the life of his own father and Dick Tracy). Despite this, Mickey was an accomplice in the killing of Officer Leslie Shawn and two unnamed law officers at Scardol's hideout. He also nearly killed Officer Mulligan trying to escape from jail. He was stopped by Dick Tracy who was escorting Gainer's wife and son to visit him in jail.

Mickey Gainer faced very serious charges, but seemed resigned to his fate with the understanding that his father would look after his wife and son.