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Mickey Dunn was a gangster in Dick Tracy's city. He typically wore a flat cap and a bow tie.

Dunn had planned to inform Dick Tracy where Larceny Lu and Steve the Tramp could be found. Mickey wanted revenge on Steve and Lu for the killing of his friend Jerry O' Marra. Lu overheard his conversation while inspecting the stolen auto parts hideout and arranged to kill him.


Mickey Dunn's murdered body was deposited at the home of Dick Tracy, where it was found by Tracy and Junior. A note found with the body claimed that Dunn was going to meet the detective and "squeal". Tracy suspected Steve the Tramp and Larceny Lu and continued to investigate their activities.


  • Dunn's body falling into Tracy's apartment is reminiscent of the ending to the 1931 crime movie The Public Enemy wherein the body of crime boss Tom Powers (played by James Cagney) falls into his brother's house after the door is opened.
  • A character called Mickey Dunn appeared in a 2006 episode of the TV police procedural drama C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation. In the episode entitled "Living Legend", Dunn was a gangster in Las Vegas who was thought to have been killed in the 1970s. He was revealed to be alive and targeting the rival mobsters who had attempted to kill him. Dunn was played by rock star Roger Daltrey and Rik Young. It is unclear if the producers of the show drew inspiration for the character's name from the Dick Tracy comic strip.