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Mayor "Happy" Voten was a former Mayor of Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair, dark eyebrows, and a small beard on his chin. He typically wore dark glasses and walked with the aid of a cane due to diminished vision.

Early Career and Retirement[]

Voten had retired from politics in 1942. Prior to that, Voten had provided the city Police Department with its first K9 unit. According to Pat Patton and Sam Catchem, Voten had been a good Mayor with no scandals or interference with the city's police's operations during his administration.

In the early 1940s, Voten had begun to lose his eyesight. After leaving politics, he started a business training dogs for the blind. He was successful and branched out into kennel services, training police dogs, guard dogs for private industry, and trained dogs for show business.

Hiring Fresh[]


When Voten heard that Fresh Upp Plenty needed a job, he hired her as his secretary. He insisted that she should bring her infant son Little Boy Beard to work with her, so as to avoid the burden of finding a babysitter. Voten was very fond of the boy, despite the fact that the baby often broke Voten's canes with his considerable strength. On one occasion, Voten did retaliate when the child painfully pulled on his beard by pulling on the toddler's own beard with the same force.

Unbeknownst to Voten, some of his employees had started breeding and training dogs to attack and steal. Several of the dogs were used by Trusty Hubbub to steal large amounts of cash. Hubbub's scheme was stopped by Dick Tracy, and the good name of Voten's kennel was restored.


  • Voten retired as Mayor in 1942. It is possible that he was succeeded by Mayor Norris (who was shown to be Mayor in 1943), though this was not explicitly stated.
  • Sam Catchem referred to Voten as having been "a good mayor", though Sam had apparently not been living in the city during Voten's term. This most likely speaks to Voten's general reputation, rather than Sam's personal experience.