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Mayor Headstrong (first name unrevealed) was a dark haired man of average height and build. He was shown to be active as Mayor of Dick Tracy's city in 2007.

The Haunted Hennessy House[]

Mayor Headstrong agreed to take part in a charity event in which he, Dick Tracy and Governor Smart would spend the night in the abandoned Hennessy Mansion, which was supposedly haunted. When inexplicable and spooky events started taking place, the Mayor was eager to flee. 

It was eventually revealed that the mansion had been booby-trapped by Hennessy, who was seeking revenge on Governor Smart (though it was also implied that there had also been legitimate supernatural occurrences).

When evidence of Governor Smart's scheming to acquire the Hennessy property was revealed, Mayor Headstrong joined Dick Tracy in insisting that the Governor face an ethics hearing.


  • Mayor Headstrong was depicted as somewhat cowardly when confronted with unexplained phenomena, though Tracy did not level much criticism at him, either out of understanding or deference to his position as Mayor.
  • Mayor Headstrong was shown to no longer be Mayor in 2012, when Mayor Armstrong now served in that capacity.