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Mayor Barbara Armstrong was a slightly-heavyset woman with short, sandy-blonde hair. She was shown to be Mayor of Dick Tracy's city as recently as 2016.

Mayor Armstrong has been depicted as very serious-minded, and generally supportive of the police department.

Mayor Armstrong was said to have been a personal friend of Simon Baux, aka Sweatbox.

In 2014, Mayor Armstrong was approached by Oliver Warbucks with a plea to have Dick Tracy and the Major Crimes Unit assigned to help him recover his missing ward, Annie. She urged Tracy to work with Warbucks, which he eventually did.

In 2016, Mayor Armstrong was troubled by the video that appeared to show Dick Tracy consorting physically with the known criminal Notta Fallar. She placed Tracy on leave from the police department until the matter could be resolved. She subsequently clashed with Police Chief Pat Patton when Tess Tracy gave a statement to the TV news personality Wendy Wichel.

In the wake of the controversy over the Notta Fallar video, Armstrong's relationship with Tracy was soured. Tracy told The Spirit that he and Armstrong "don't get along".


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    Due to inconsistent coloring from various independent sources, Mayor Armstrong's hair was depicted as light brown, yellow, and white before she appeared in a Sunday strip on Nov. 3rd, 2013 where her official hair coloration was confirmed by the creative team.