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Mayor (No Face Storyline)

First Appearance:

September 25th, 1993

Full Name:


Created By:

Mike Kilian &
Dick Locher

The unnamed Mayor of Dick Tracy's City was one of several people abducted by the criminal No Face.

Political Pressure[]

Following the abduction of Biff Baxter III, the Mayor contacted the Major Crimes Unit, insisting that they recover the missing young man. Baxter's father (presumably Biff Baxter II) was one of the Mayor's major campaign contributors.

Victim of No Face[]

Later, the Mayor was himself abducted, along with the visiting movie star Fannie Fabbe. They were held in No Face's underground lair until they were free by the combined efforts of Dick Tracy, Junior Tracy and the Major Crimes Unit.

Notes []

  • In his first appearance, the Mayor was shown to be a large man with a full head of hair. One month later, he was depicted as bald. It seems unlikely that an election had taken place and a new mayor had been installed in such a brief period of time, so it was presumably the same character who either A) had suffered a dramatic hair loss, or B) had been wearing a hairpiece in his first appearance which he later eschewed.