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In early 1963, the unnamed Mayor of Dick Tracy's city was a dark-haired man with a lined face and heavy eyelids.

The Raven Encounter[]

The Mayor was first seen visiting the Aviary of the City zoo in the company of the state's Governor. They were the victims of a practical joke played by Dick Tracy.

Tracy had been monitoring the activities of the talking raven called "Stoolie", who was used to pass information between Jimmy-the-Juice and Uncle Punky. Tracy had hidden a 2-Way Wrist Radio under Stoolie's wing. When the Mayor and the Governor walked past, Tracy spoke into another Wrist Radio from a distance, making it seem as though Stoolie was talking to the two men, who were surprised and amused.


The Mayor returned later in the company of Enna Opper, a popular newspaper gossip columnist. This time, Tracy made it seem as though Stoolie was criticizing the Mayor for raising taxes. The Mayor planned to engage in a debate with the bird, but Enna stopped him, convincing him that he would look foolish.

Some nearby newspaper reporters witnessed the encounter and published the story. The Mayor seemed take the incident in a spirit of good-humor.