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May Lin was a Chinese criminal who was part of a human trafficking ring that operated out of Dick Tracy's city. He was a slightly heavyset man with prominent front teeth. He typically wore eyeglasses.

His face resembled that of Mayor Chiang of Chinatown so closely that May Lin was able to impersonate the Mayor after the Mayor was abducted and held captive by Johnny Ramm and his gang. This enabled Ramm to operate more freely.

Impersonating the Mayor[]

Dick Tracy met May Lin when May Lin was posing as Mayor Chiang. Tracy was investigating the immigrant smuggling activities of Stud Bronzen. May Lin claimed to have no knowledge of the smuggling, but offered Tracy the services of one his office workers, Tau Ming. Tracy and May Lin were surprised to discover that Tau Ming had firsthand knowledge of Bronzen and his operation.

May Lin did not have any further interaction with Tracy until the woman Noana was discovered hidden on Stud Bronzen's boat. Tracy used Noana to infiltrate Johnny Ramm's organization, which led him to discover May Lin's involvement. May Lin was arrested and taken into custody, at which point it was discovered that he was not really Mayor Chiang.

May Lin's deception was publicized in the local newspaper, which roused the ire of a group of Chinatown residents. They became determined that May Lin must answer to his own people and face their justice. This group of men went to the police station armed with knives and hatchets and demanded that May Lin be turned over to them.

The police refused to give May Lin to the mob, but they did agree to allow the men to see May Lin in his holding cell once they had surrendered their weapons. However, the mob had come prepared  and they were able to surreptitiously shoot May Lin with a poisoned blow dart by concealing their faces with handkerchiefs. May Lin died instantly from the poison. The entire mob was jailed, but it was unclear if the identity of the person who had launched the blow dart could be established.

The remains of the real Mayor Chiang were discovered shortly thereafter.