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Maxine Viller was the sister of Stooge Viller and a criminal in her own right. She was a slender woman with short dark hair and a dark eyes. She led a small gang of jewel thieves in Dick Tracy's city.

Hiding Stooge and Steve[]

Maxine's gang had conducted a few high-profile jewel robberies in the city and she was wanted by police. She was approached by her brother Stooge and his ally Steve the Tramp, who had recently escaped from prison together. Maxine was reluctant to hide the fugitives, fearing that they would attract police attention. Stooge convinced her that they could help in her criminal operation.

Maxine agreed to let Steve transport some stolen jewels to her fence Gyp Reed. She sent a message to Gyp attached to the collar of her dog Satan, telling Gyp to expect Steve later that day. Unbeknownst to Maxine, her home was being monitored by Tracy, who followed Satan and intercepted the message. Tracy and Officer Milligan arrested Gyp Reed, then waited and arrested Steve when he arrived with the stolen jewels.

Fleeing the Law[]

When Steve did not return, Maxine and Stooge grew anxious. Tracy and Milligan soon arrived to arrest Maxine, and were surprised to find Stooge there as well. Maxine tricked Milligan into breaking a hidden capsule of poison gas, which soon rendered Milligan and Tracy unconscious. Maxine and Stooge fled, and Tracy and Milligan were rescued shortly thereafter.

Stooge and Maxine flew in a small airplane to a port in Canada, where they booked passage on a ship to Europe. While waiting to depart, Stooge saw and recognized Junior Tracy, who was in the company of Pat Patton and Hank Steele. The two men and Junior had been rescued from a shipwreck and were awaiting transport when Stooge confronted them. Stooge fatally shot Hank while attempting to abduct Junior. He and Maxine then boarded their ship to Europe.

Stooge panicked, believing that he would be caught if he remained on board. Despite Maxine's objections, Stooge jumped overboard before the ship left the harbor. Maxine remained on the ship, and her fate is unknown.


  • At least two members of Maxine's gang were shown in the strip. They were not named.
  • Maxine was known to the police for her role in her gang's jewel robberies, but she was only known by her first name. It is not clear if Tracy ever learned Maxine's full name or her exact relationship to Stooge.