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Max was a BAR Machine gunner for Big Boy's gang. He recognized that Dick Tracy was impersonating Ribs Mocco. Big Boy ordered Max to open fire on the car in which Tracy and Tess riding. The couple was not killed due to a large delivery van driving between their car and Max's firing position.

Max's fate is unknown.


  • Max was only identified by name in one strip in which he was shown from behind. It is therefore difficult to confirm if he appears in other strips. As a member of Big Boy's gang, it is reasonable to assume that he was an associate of Big Boy's other gang members (Spike, Crutch, Ribs, etc) but this cannot be confirmed.
  • When Tracy and Tess were fleeing from Big Boy's gang, Big Boy sent a carload of his armed henchmen after them. The car was struck by a speeding train, with many (if not all) of the occupants killed. It is possible that Max was among them, but this cannot be confirmed