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"Maw" Famon was the mother of Cut and Muscle Famon. She was an older woman with short dark hair.

Maw grew up in a small town and had some prejudices. When she married the widower Alberto Famoni, she insisted that they Anglicize his name, shortening it to "Famon".

When Cut and Muscle were being arrested by Jim Trailer and Dick Tracy, they were able to get a signal to Maw in her home. Maw freed her sons from the authorities, but was soon mortally wounded during a shootout with police and federal agents. Before dying, she changed clothes with Cut so he would have a chance to escape.


  • While Maw was aware of (and apparently approved of) her sons' criminal activities, it was not established how much she was involved on a day-to-day basis. It therefore cannot be determined if the other members of the gang were her associates.
  • In the Minit Mystery titled "The Occam's Razor Case" it was established that Maw was the stepmother of Big Boy, being the second wife of Big Boy's father.
  • Maw Famon was apparently inspired by Ma Barker, the matriarch of a notorious criminal family. Ma Barker had been killed by FBI agents in early 1935.