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Maude Le Maude was an associate of Hairy. She was a slender woman with short light hair. She wore an eye patch over her right eye.

Maude worked as a mortician. She specialized in charity funerals and funerals for underworld figures. This - in addition to being a woman mortician - gained her a certain amount of celebrity in the city.

Helping Hairy[]

Maude aided Hairy and helped eliminate his competitors. When Hairy's organization began to be dismantled, he sought refuge in Maude's funeral parlor.

Hairy revealed to Maude that he had a stash of two million dollars worth of narcotics hidden on an isolated farm that Dick Tracy and the police had not yet discovered. Hairy was determined to recover the stash, and he planned to move the shipment into Maude's basement. Maude objected to Hairy's plan, but Hairy assured her that the illegal material would be on the premises for less than 24 hours.

The narcotics were located and transported to Maude's funeral parlor by one of Hairy's associates. Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem observed the transport and followed the shipment in Air Cars.

The officers confronted Hairy, who was killed in a shoot-out with the police. After Hairy was killed, Maude was arrested. She was freed on a writ of habeas corpus due to the evidence against her being circumstantial. She was also implicated in the death of another one of Hairy's associates, but it is unknown if she was ever held legally accountable.