Matri (center), with Yollman and Van Dyke.

First Appearance:

April 24th, 1942

Known Associates:

Clarke Van Dyke

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 7

The man known as Matri was a short person and a hypnotist. He was enlisted by the understudy Clarke Van Dyke to hypnotize the actor Yollman so Van Dyke could take his place. Matri succeeded, and he and Van Dyke held Yollman captive in Van Dyke’s apartment.

Matri took a liking to a certain brand of cigarette that Yollman smoked, and one day he left the apartment to replenish his supply. His small stature made his difficult to see when he stepped out into traffic, and he was struck by a car and killed. He had Yollman’s cigarette case and a magazine with Van Dyke’s mailing address on his person, which led Dick Tracy to monitor Van Dyke’s apartment.