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Leola Sunny was a dark-haired young woman who was suffering from amnesia when she first met Dick Tracy. Not knowing her real identity, she took the name "Mary X". The only clue to her identity that Tracy could find was that the soles of her shoes held with traces of metal.

It was discovered that Mary had a talent for singing, and she was hired as a singer with Rudy Seton's band. During a performance, Mary was shot at. Tracy's investigation found the suspect to be Fred Mason, a machine shop operator. A chance encounter with the truck driver who found Mary wandering on the highway resulted in Mary recovering the body of a murder victim - Fred Mason's business partner, Mr. Freez.

Tracy took Mary and Mason to the machine shop in an effort to restore her memory. Mason tried to kill her with a blow to the head, but this restored her memory. Mary suddenly remembered that her name was Leola Sunny. She had been Mason and Freez's secretary and had witnessed Mason killing Freez. Tracy was about to arrest Mason, but Mason was shot and killed by Junky Doolb.

Mary helped Tracy capture Doolb. She was then reunited with her parents before embarking on a new career as a nightclub singer.


  • MaryXRG
    Mary's real name was alternately given as "Leola" and "Leota". "Leola" appears first.
  • In the Family Album and Mug Shots feature in The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 22, she was misidentified as "Leona".
  • Many years later, the name Mary X could be seen written on the wall of a jail cell occupied by Olive Tomate. The significance of this graffiti and its connection to Leola Sunny is unclear.