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Mary Waldo was a very wealthy widow who had health problems because of being very overweight. She signed up for Pear-Shape's reducing correspondence course because she (mistakenly) believed that the exercises could restore her health.

In the summer of 1948, she was visited by Pear-Shape. He was investigating her house as part of a plan to steal her jewels. That night, Pear-Shape broke into Mrs. Waldo's house, where she confronted him. He shot and killed her, escaping with her jewels, which he then hid.

A year later, Mrs. Waldo's jewels were found and Pear-Shape was brought to justice.


  • Mary Waldo was referred to as a "dowager". This may tend to indicate that she had been married at one point, but that has not been confirmed. She had no other known relatives besides her niece Janet.