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Mary Perkins was an actress friend of Vitamin Flintheart. She was an attractive woman with dark hair and blue eyes.

Aiding Vitamin[]

Mary Perkins was in rehearsals for a production of Shakespeare's "King Lear" with Vitamin Flintheart at the Patterson Playhouse when Vitamin was contacted by the confidence trickster Silver Nitrate. Nitrate claimed to have a rare film of Vitamin's first appearance on television in an episode of "Captain Video". Nitrate screened a short clip for Vitamin and Mary, then demanded $300,000 to provide Vitamin with the complete episode.

The clip was a fraud, and Mary recognized one of the performers in it as an actor that she had worked with recently. She brought this to the attention of Dick Tracy, which prompted Tracy to investigate Nitrate.

The production of "King Lear" proceeded as planned, with one performance attended by Tabby Angus.


  • Mary Perkins was the main character in the long-running newspaper comic strip Mary Perkins, On Stage (though some papers published it under the title Mary Perkins). It ran from 1957 to 1979.
  • Leonard Starr, the creator of Mary Perkins, was also responsible for the the re-launch of the strip Little Orphan Annie in 1979. Several characters from that strip have since appeared in Dick Tracy.