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Marvin Barley was a janitor at Diet Smith Industries who was recruited by the Apparatus to steal valuable material. He was the father of Homer Barley (aka "Peanutbutter").

At some point, Marvin was recruited by agents of The Apparatus who wanted to use him to help them steal valuable material and merchandise from the facility. Marvin took up residence in an abandoned area of the factory with a pack of trained dogs that he used to open doors after hours. Marvin's hideout also included a hollow wall section where he could hide if he was detected.

After the scheme to steal from the facility was discovered, Dick Tracy and Diet Smith found Marvin's hidden residence. Marvin shot at Tracy and the police from his hiding place. The police returned fire and Marvin was killed.

Marvin's family was approached by police in an attempt to gather more information about his activities and associates. Marvin's wife and daughter were cooperative, but Marvin's son Homer was initially antagonistic to the police.


  • It was established that Marvin had been visited at his home by the unnamed burglar's daughter. It was also strongly implied that he had been responsible for providing stolen material to the burglar himself (or at least conveying information to him about where to find the desired material). It was not clear how much contact (if any) he had with other members of the Apparatus.