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Marty Mennis was a member of Shaky's gang. He drove the getaway car after Shaky abducted Snowflake Falls from police headquarters.

After Shaky and his accomplices reached their hideout, Marty discovered the word "Snowflake" that had been written in the dust on the car's exterior by Junior Tracy. He informed Shaky that the word was still visible even after the car had been washed (since the dust had scratched the word into the paint).

Shaky instructed Marty to get the car waxed in order to remove the incriminating word. Unbeknownst to Marty, local car washes and body shops had been alerted by the police to be on the look-out for a car with the word "Snowflake" on it. The attendant at the location that Marty went to was able to surreptitiously notify the authorities.

Dick Tracy, who was investigating Snowflake's abduction, arrived at the body shop and surprised Marty. Marty attempted to draw his pistol, but Tracy shot him with a machine gun before Marty could fire.

Marty survived and was taken into custody.


  • Due to inconsistency in the artwork, Marty resembled Eddie Endit in his initial appearance driving the getaway car, though he did not seem to have a moustache.
  • It is not clear if Marty ever worked with Specs Jones or Cappy Williams, since he did not appear in the strip until after those two men had been killed.
  • A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that Marty received a prison sentence of 10 years.