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Marro was an accomplice of the poison gas manufacturer Karpse. She was an attractive blonde woman.

A Tenuous Alliance[]

Marro and Karpse consistently betrayed or abandoned each other, yet often returned to their partnership out of greed or desperation. It was Marro who secretly informed Dick Tracy of Karpse's poison-making activities.

Later, when Karpse had been hospitalized after being caught in an explosion, Marro arranged for two handguns to be delivered to Karpse, hidden in a large flower arrangement. Karpse died while attempting to escape from the police and FBI Agent Jim Trailer. Marro was found and taken into custody.

A later Rogues' Gallery entry indicated that Marro had served a ten-year sentence.


  • Marro's name and character design suggest she was based on the then-popular actress Marlene Dietrich.