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Marrg Plainsman had been the secretary for Mr. Herdins at the Argonne National Laboratory for 20 years. She had light hair.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Herdins, Plainsman was involved in several illicit pursuits. She was an associate of Piggy Butcher, and used her position at the National Laboratory to secure overseas buyers for Butcher's steel (refined from stolen cars). She habitually used a cloth briefcase with a hidden recording device in it to record her meetings with Piggy. It was also implied that she used it to record secret information at the laboratory.

Plainsman stole the experimental laser weapon that Piggy Butcher hoped to use against Moon Maid, replacing it with a wooden replica. After Piggy's attempt to use the weapon to kidnap Moon Maid went awry, Plainsman confronted Piggy in his hotel room, demanding that she still be given the payment he had promised her. Piggy killed her and fled, leaving Plainsman's body in the abandoned hotel room.

Plainsman's body was discovered around the same time that Dick Tracy and Mr. Herdins found the counterfeit laser weapon at the National Laboratory. Plainsman's role in the theft was deduced, and a recording that she had made of her conversation with Piggy was found. A voice analysis of the recording was used to determine probable cause to arrest Piggy on suspicion of murder, but he was abducted by the Chin Chillars before he could be held to account for killing Marrg Plainsman.


  • It was not established if Marrg Plainsman interacted with any of Piggy Butcher's other associates.
  • Some characters speculated that Marrg Plainsman may have been engaged in acts of espionage, but this was not confirmed. Therefore, she would not qualify as a Spy.