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Mark Wright was an executive vice-president at Diet Smith Industries. He was a slender man with graying hair, who also wore eyeglasses.

During the time when Smith's friendship with Dick Tracy had become strained (following the case of Dr. Zy Ghote and the "clone" of Mumbles), Smith made plans to re-locate to his corporate base of operations on the west coast. He recruited Wright to aid in the transition and function in Smith's place at the offices in the City.

When Smith was kidnapped by agents of Bernard Breakdown, Wright became the police department's contact within the company. He arranged for the $1,000,000 cash ransom that Breakdown had demanded. When the money was stolen by roller-skating purse snatcher Willie Wheeler, Wright panicked. Breakdown gave him one hour to recover the money or else Smith and Dick Tracy (who had been abducted in the first attempt to collect the ransom) would both be killed. Fortunately, Wheeler was able to return the money to Wright just before the hand-off was to take place.

Smith and Tracy were eventually freed and the two men reconciled. Wright joined Smith on his private jet back to California, where Smith informed Wright that he intended to maintain his residence and business in the city.


  • There is no established connection between Mark Wright and Mayor Waite Wright of Homeville.