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Mark Masters was a bank teller in Dick Tracy's city. He had light eyes and dark hair, which he typically wore slicked down.

Mark the Gambler[]

Mark developed the habit of betting on horses. He had placed a number of bets with Bookie Joe, the operator of a local gambling syndicate.

Mark met and befriended the attractive young woman named Toby Townley. When Toby was hired as a waitress/cashier in Mary Steele's cafe, part of her job was to take the restaurant's deposits to the bank where mark worked. Mark recruited Toby into a scheme whereby they would use Mary's money to place bets at the local racetrack, then make the deposit later, keeping the winnings for themselves.

Mark's plan worked for a while, since he had received a number of good tips for which horses to bet on. Mark learned that his activities were being monitored by the police, so he decided to make one large bet that would make him financially secure. He took $5,000 from the bank, which he then bet on horse that lost its race.

Mark was facing a serious embezzlement charge, so he and Toby went to Bookie Joe's home to ask Joe to loan Mark the money to cover what he had taken from the bank. Joe refused and he and Mark argued. Joe went for a gun and Mark shot him with a gun that he had concealed on his person. Mark then fled, but Toby stayed behind and took Joe to a hospital.

Joe survived and arranged for his associate Blake to kill Mark by planting a small bomb in a roll of coins. When Mark unwrapped the roll, the bomb exploded, killing him.


  • Mark and Toby were shown enjoying their winnings by eating and dancing at an expensive nightclub, but it is not clear if they were romantically involved. Toby specifically insisted on paying for her share.
  • Mark did not seem to recognize Blake when Blake deposited the roll of coins that ultimately killed Mark, so Blake would not seem to qualify as one of Mark's associates. It was also not stated who was providing Mark with the betting tips that had enabled him to win so often.