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Marge Denton was the leader of The Perfume Gang, a small group of young women who stole valuable perfume to re-sell on the black market. She was an attractive, slender woman with dark hair.

The gang's activities were discovered by Dick Tracy. They attempted to subdue Tracy, but he was able to escape and arrest them all.

Marge's wealthy fiancee Johnny Mintworth initially refused to believe that she was guilty, but later became convinced and cut off his relationship with her. Marge was eventually able to convince Johnny to come visit her in prison, where she tricked him into helping smuggle guns into the prison (which she planned to use to escape).

The plan was successful, but Dick Tracy discovered the guns in Marge's possession before they could be used. Johnny was arrested and Marge remained in prison.

A later Rogues' Gallery entry indicated that Marge received a 5 year sentence.