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Marge Catchem was the wife of Sam Catchem. They had two daughters, Julie and Joan. Marge was a slightly heavyset woman..

Marge met Dick Tracy and his family for the first time (along with Pat Patton and the Plentys) at the party where Tracy revealed that he and Tess had just gotten married.

In 2016, Marge was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent chemotherapy to treat it. The treatment was effective, and Marge's doctor told her and Sam that the cancer had gone into remission.



Marge (left) with Sam in 2017, as drawn by Joe Staton

  • Marge also goes by the nickname "Margie".
  • It is unclear how long Sam and Marge have been married, or how old their children are. At the time of their her first appearance in the strip, Marge's daughter Julie appeared to be a teenager.
  • It has not been explicitly stated, but Marge is presumably Jewish like her husband.
  • When Marge first appeared in 1949, she had light-colored hair. When she appeared at the Tracys' home for Christmas in 1950, her hair was dark.
  • Marge often prepares food for Sam, typically sandwiches (featuring her homemade rye bread) that he keeps in his pockets.
  • It has not been established if Marge became aware of FBI Agent Fritz Ann Dietrich's aggressive flirtation with Sam.