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Mangles was a nephew of Mumbles. He was a law-abiding citizen, with a successful career as an attorney. He had the habit of talking in an excessively obfuscating type of "legal-ese", which often included gibberish.

Kidnapped by Feets[]

When the criminal Feets Diamond learned that Mumbles had returned to the city and was trying to contact a relative, he believed that Mumbles may have told Mangles the location of the stolen jewel The Star of Ranjipooie. Feets abducted Mangles (as he had done with Mumbles' other nephews Whispers and Rambles) and tried to beat the information out him. Mangles knew nothing, and his double-talk frustrated Feets. Feets stuffed Mangles into a trash can and left it on the courthouse steps, where he was discovered by Tess Tracy.


  • Two other nephews of Mumbles were targeted by Feets, though it was not established if these were Mangles' brothers or cousins.
  • Another attorney addressed Mangles as "Mr. Mangles", indicating that this could have been his actual name and not a nickname.
  • The storyline involving Mangles is extremely difficult to reconcile with established continuity and has been disregarded by the subsequent creative team.