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Maggie Irish was Bonnie Tracy's roommate at City University in 2004. She was originally from Boston.

Maggie was a temperamental young woman with shoulder-length dark hair.

Crisis on Campus[]

During Maggie's first semester at City University, the campus was beset by a series of crimes which were overlooked by the Chief of Security, Flunke. Flunke hired several members of the All-Purpose Gang as additional security officers, and a few minor arrests were made.

Flunke's real plan involved smuggling Middle Eastern terrorists into the country, and providing them with temporary shelter on campus. One night the campus erupted in violence, and Maggie and Bonnie were held captive by some of these terrorists. The resourceful young women were eventually able to escape.

Travel Difficulties[]

Following the tumultuous events at school, Maggie was looking forward to traveling home to Boston for the winter holidays. However, numerous acts of sabotage had taken place at the local airport, and all flights were either significantly delayed or cancelled. Maggie became extremely frustrated.


At Christmastime, Maggie agreed to fly on Air Gnat's plane to Boston, piloted by Captain Rick Toffen. She spoke to Bonnie on the phone before the flight, and indicated that she thought the pilot was cute. On the return flight, the plane crashed outside the city. Due to Toffen's skilled piloting, there were no fatalities, though Maggie was injured.

Toffen visited Maggie in the hospital, and she criticized him for being reckless and incompetent. Toffen was briefly suspected of being responsible for the sabotage, though he was eventually cleared of suspicion.

Despite her bad experiences, Maggie boarded another flight of out the city's airport, this time opting for a large commercial airliner. Maggie was unaware that Toffen was co-pilot of this flight, or that the woman in the seat next to her was Babe, the estranged girlfriend of J. Kindly Goodheart. Goodheart was responsible for the sabotage at the airport, and he had made arrangements for the plane to crash, with the hopes that Babe would be killed along with all the other passengers.

Despite the sabotage, Toffen was able to land the plane safely. He was praised for his actions, and he encountered Maggie again. Toffen asked Maggie for a date, and it was implied that she would accept.


  • Maggie Irish is closely tied to one of the more significant continuity errors in the history of the strip. Bonnie Tracy had previously been depicted as a college graduate living in Washington State, but in the mid-1990s she reverted to being a teenager living at home. In the early 2000s, she was shown completing high school and starting college, where she met Maggie. Bonnie has since been the subject of a retcon wherein she remained a teacher. The current creative team has not addressed how this may affect Maggie's status.