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Madeline Dell was a member of The Perfume Gang, a small group of young women who stole valuable perfume to re-sell on the black market. She was an attractive, slender woman with blonde hair.

Dell introduced herself to Dick Tracy at the conclusion of the trial of Baldy Stark. She attempted to endear herself to Tracy in order to prevent him investigating the gang's activities. This created some friction between Tracy and his fiancee Tess.

Madeline's efforts to divert Tracy were unsuccessful and he began to look into their criminal endeavors. She and the gang then tried to subdue Tracy. He escaped and the gang were arrested.


  • It was later established that Marge Denton (the leader of the Perfume Gang) had connections to a larger criminal organization. It was not stated if Madeline had any of the same associates.
  • A later Rogues' Gallery entry indicated that Madeline received a 5 year sentence.