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Madame Parfum was an associate of the criminal Posie Ermine. She was a voluptuous woman with light hair and eyes, and a lined face.

Madame Parfum operated the Cute Skin shop in Dick Tracy's city, which specialized in perfume and lotions. Much of the product that she sold was bootlegged by Posie Ermine.

Parfum's shop was investigated by Lizz. Posie's daughter Mindy was hiding in the shop, and saw Lizz's police badge in Lizz's open handbag. Mindy attacked Lizz, who quickly subdued her. Parfum and Mindy were arrested and questioned about their involvement with Posie.

Posie's attorney Habe Corpussle arranged for Parfum and Mindy's release after they were questioned. They took up residence in the J&X Flower Shop, a business that Corpussle owned where Posie was also hiding. The flower shop was investigated by the police, and Posie was found and arrested.

Parfum's fate is unknown.


  • At one point in the Posie Ermine storyline, Mindy seems to address Madam Parfum as "Mamma". This possible mother-daughter relationship was never indicated at any other time.
  • It is not clear what criminal charges Madam Parfum would face. She would most likely be charged with trafficking in stolen goods, and could face charges as an accessory after the fact to murders committed by Posie if it could be proven that she knew about them and hid that information from the police.