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Maay (first name unrevealed) was a test pilot for Diet Smith Industries. He was Diet Smith's second highest-rated pilot for the magnetic Space Coupes. He was handsome, middle-aged man with dark hair.

Working for Mr. Bribery[]

At some point, Maay entered the employ of the criminal Mr. Bribery. Bribery agreed to pay Maay $10,000 for Maay to abduct the native Nah Tay and eject him into space. Maay (who was the brother of one of Nah Tay's previous victims) took a Space Coupe without permission and, with the help of some masked accomplices, carried out the murder of Nah Tay, leaving no corpus delecti for the police to find.

When Maay was confronted about his unauthorized use of the Space Coupe, he lied, claiming it had been an innocent joy ride. Dick Tracy, who had been present at the questioning, doubted Maay and decided to monitor his activities. Maay met with Ugly Christine to collect the remainder of his payoff, then purchased an expensive sports car.

Maay was pleased at his good fortune, believing that committing a few of these murders a year for Bribery would put him on the path to wealth. Tracy and his squad installed a miniature camera in Maay's new car, using it to monitor his activities.

Maay, enjoying the good life, went to an expensive restaurant with his lady friend Corné, a famous model. The pair left the restaurant having had too much to drink. Maay sped down the rain-slicked roads and crashed his car. Corné was killed, and Maay was hospitalized with severe injuries.

In the meantime, Tracy had discovered evidence tying to Maay to the murder of Nah Tay. Tracy and Smith confronted Maay in the hospital, and were present when two men arrived to kill Maay, under orders from Mr. Bribery. Tracy and Smith were able to subdue the killers, but not before Maay was shot to death.

It was later revealed that Maay also provided Bribery with a set of blueprints for the Space Coupe, which allowed Bribery to train his men on how to operate the craft.