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Mr. Méliès (full name unrevealed) was a member of the criminal organization known as The Black Hearts. He had an unusually large, round head that resembled Earth's moon. He also had a moustache and goatee.

Arriving in Dick Tracy's City[]

Méliès arrived in Dick Tracy's city following the death of Bardoll. His initial role was to supervise the "new" Moon Maid project. He was aided by the Munro Brothers.

After Mysta left her handlers and came under the protection of Dick Tracy and Diet Smith, Méliès remained in the city to pursue the goal of expanding the Black Hearts' influence. He served at the side of Venus (and seemed to be subservient to her) and later Apollo.

Mr. Bigg Arrives[]

The Black Hearts were successful, growing their ranks and usurping the Apparatus in control of most of the city's organized crime. Eventually, the leader of the Black Hearts - Mr. Bigg - arrived in the city to oversee matters himself.

Méliès found his place in the organization being overtaken by more recent recruits. He resented this, and alternated between wanting to regain Mr. Bigg's favor and wanting to kill and replace him. To that end, he kidnapped Diet Smith and delivered him to Mr. Bigg, believing that Smith would provide Bigg with Space Coupe technology if threatened.

The End of Méliès[]


Méliès' kidnapping of Smith corresponded with a raid on the Black Hearts' headquarters by the combined forces of the MCU and the FBI. Méliès inadvertently surprised Apollo, who was armed with a large handgun. Apollo shot and killed Méliès (August 23rd, 2015).


  • MoonFace
    The name of Méliès is taken from the film director Georges Méliès, who directed the pioneering science-fiction film A Trip to the Moon in 1902. Méliès physical appearance was inspired by the moon in that film as well.
  • Strips featuring Méliès frequently referenced the imagery of the moon being hit with the bullet-like rocketship, as seen in the aforementioned film. This is likely intended to give readers an indication as to exactly where Méliès was shot, since editorial practices would not allow it to be shown explicitly.
  • Méliès flesh tone was inconsistently portrayed from day to day. Sunday strips (colored by the official creative team) depicted him as having grey skin.
  • Although Méliès was a high-ranking member of the Black Hearts organization, he was not branded with a letter B on his forehead like Venus and Apollo had been.