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Lyle Talbot


February 8th, 1902


Pittsburgh, PA


March 2nd, 1996 (age 94)

Place of Death:

San Francisco, CA

Known Relatives:

Margaret Carol Epple, Wife (deceased)
Evelyn Byrd (Keven) McClure, Wife
Abigail Adams, Wife
Marguerite Ethel Cramer, Wife
Elaine Olga Melchior, Wife
David Talbot, Son
Margaret Talbot, Daughter
Stephen Talbot, Son

Lyle Talbot (1902-1996) was born Lysle Francis Henderson. He was an American actor who had a long career in film and television. He had a deep, sonorous voice, which he occasionally used in the role of narrator. He appeared in several of Edward D. Wood Jr.'s films, including the infamous Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Lyle Talbot played the villains Big Frost and 88 Keyes on the 1950s Dick Tracy TV series starring Ralph Byrd. He also played a villain called "The Brain", which predated the character in the comic strip by many years.

Talbot also has the distinction of having appeared as Commissioner Gordon in a 1949 Batman serial, and as Lex Luthor in a 1950 Superman serial.

His final film role was in the 1987 sketch comedy movie Amazon Women on the Moon, which spoofed the type of 1950s science fiction movies often used on Mystery Science Theater 3000.