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Lug Sweeney was the teenage son of Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney. He had straight, light-colored hair that he wore long.

Part-Time Janitor[]

When his family suffered financial reversals, Lug took a part-time job as a janitor in the shopping mall in Dick Tracy's city. Several acts of sabotage took place around the mall and Lug became a suspect. Lug had asked his classmate Penny Bank for a date on several occasions, but she refused him. This caused Penny to suspect Lug, and she shared her suspicions with Dick Tracy. There was not sufficient evidence to charge him, however.

Unbeknownst to Lug, the initial acts of sabotage were committed by his father, who was seeking revenge against the mall and its businesses for his own store's failure. Upon learning of these acts, the local media reported on the mysterious "Phantom of the Shopping Mall". The unscrupulous land developer Smokes saw this as an opportunity to drive business to the new, larger mall that he had built, and he engaged in additional, more dangerous acts of sabotage.

Full-Time Fugitive[]

Lug saved Joe Tracy from being electrocuted by a pinball machine, but once again found himself suspected of sabotage. Joe agreed to let Lug hide in his family's garage, believing that Lug would go undetected due to how little time Dick Tracy spent at home. Lug lived at the Tracy's home for several days before being discovered by Tess. Lug fled and ran out into the street where he was struck by a car driven by Penny Bank. Lug was injured and taken to the hospital.

Lug recovered and fled from the hospital. He had another chance encounter with Penny Bank, whose feelings towards him had softened. Penny offered to let Lug stay in her penthouse apartment while he continued to heal and attempted to clear his name. Lug eventually decided to turn himself in to the police, hoping to be vindicated by the justice system.

Lug arrived at police headquarters just as his father was being pushed out of a car by Smokes. Smokes had taped guns to Mr. Sweeney's hands, then fired a gun of his own, expecting that Sweeney would be shot by police officers. Lug put himself between his father and the police, shouting that his father was not dangerous. The situation was de-escalated without any additional shots being fired.

Mr. Sweeney informed the police of Smokes' activities, and Smokes died in a fire at his new shopping mall shortly thereafter. Lug and Penny began a romantic relationship, and both went to work at Mr. Sweeney's hobby shop.