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Lt. Teevo was a police officer in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark, wavy hair, thick eyebrows, and a prominent nose.

Character Biography[]

Lt. Teevo joined the Major Crimes Unit after Chief Pat Patton retired and Lizz Worthington-Grove was promoted to Chief. Teevo was an expert at communications, specializing in collecting and distributing information and messages. He worked with Dick Tracy in a primarily administrative/supporting role, and saw very little action in the field.



At some point, Teevo was recruited by the new Mr. Crime to be an informant within the police department. Teevo planted miniature cameras throughout the police station, and relayed information to Mr. Crime and Panda. Teevo was eventually discovered and confronted by Pat Patton (who had returned to his position as Chief). Teevo tried to recruit Patton to Mr. Crime's side, but he soon realized that Patton was incorruptible. Teevo shot Patton, injuring him. Teevo then took a police squad car and fled.

Teevo went to the Panda Talent Agency, believing that Mr. Crime would help him. He arrived just as the raid by the combined forces of the Major Crimes Unit and the Tracy Agency was beginning. Teevo was unfamiliar with the layout of the building and he stumbled into the lair of the carnivorous muerte vine while he was seeking an exit. Teevo was consumed by the plant, leaving only his necktie as evidence of his passing. This was later presented to the Major Crimes Unit.


  • TiVo is the name of a popular brand of DVR. The connection to Lt. Teevo is tenuous, as TiVo is a digital recorder of audio and video, while Lt. Teevo mostly received and distributed audio messages.
  • Fans have commented on Teevo's facial resemblance to former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon. It is unclear if this resemblance is intentional or significant, though Nixon was notorious for recording conversations that took place in the oval office.
  • It is unclear exactly when Teevo became corrupt. It was implied that he was unfamiliar with much of Mr. Crime's operation, as he did not recognize the muerte vine as a threat.